Spring Energy Cleaning

Spring Energy Cleaning

My favorite thing (I know it’s not very romantic) of the spring season isn’t the flowers popping up from the frozen ground or the sun starting to feel just that much warmer…no, it’s spring cleaning!  I love, love, love it!  Currently I’m emptying my drawers and donating clothes that either don’t fit or I’m just not wearing anymore.  Face it, we all have them!  I also have our 3 kids going through their closets and doing the same.  Our friend is also doing a stuffed animal drive for her grandmothers nursing home, the soft and familiar texture offers comfort to the seniors…and makes them happy, I can’t think of a better way to recycle.

So while we’re cleaning out our closets and drawers, it’s also a great time to clear the energy in the home.  Some believe, as do I, that burning sage (also known as smudging) will bless the home and release it of any negative energy.  It clears the space for new and positive energy, hope and happiness.  So after a season of being cooped up inside, cabin fever and colds, what’s better than doing some spring cleaning and getting some good energy going!

We’d love to see your favorite ways to get ready for spring 🙂

Happy spring and happy energy cleansing!




Playing with wax, scents, colors and gemstones!

Hi! Welcome to the Zena Moon Blog. I’m Jenn, Chief Candlemaker here and I’m so excited to start sharing with you.

2 years ago my life changed dramatically. Opportunity knocked on my door in the form of a Facebook post from an artist who I was super fond of. She announced that she was selling her business and the dreamer in me took over. The timing was right, I was ready for a new adventure, and the idea of Zena Moon filled me with excitement at the wondrous possibilities.

At that time, I was a single mom, busy in the corporate world, trying to balance a relationship, 3 kids and work – a lifestyle that was getting busier every day and I found myself sad and frustrated that I wasn’t able to create all of the fun moments and memories with my kids that I wanted. So I contacted the former owner, we met, instantly connected, and not long after that first meeting my family and I welcomed Zena Moon to our home in Connecticut.

I now no longer work in the corporate world and instead am living my dream as Chief Candlemaker of Zena Moon. I get to spend my days in the studio creating beautiful candles, and I am able to make every baseball, soccer and field hockey game my kids play! Zena Moon has been a blessing, a dream come true.

Candles have such special and unique meanings to everyone. One of my favorite things about working with Zena Moon is seeing how our customers use the candles. It could be a special holiday or celebration, family dinner, romantic night at home, in their yoga studio or on their alter for daily meditation and reflection. There is something so special, so magical, so deeply personal about Zena Moon candles. I’ve used them for all of the above and more!

I’m looking forward to spending more time here on the blog with you, sharing stories about how people are using the candles, the different meanings for each gemstone, and even the scents and colors have special meanings. I will also be sharing decorating ideas and perhaps even some DIY projects!

Thank you for joining us on this journey! It’s been amazing so far and I’m so excited to create even more Zena Moon magic in the years to come. I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and feedback as well! Anything from what you would like to see here on our blog or any request for new candles, scents, colors or designs.

Love & Light,

Jenn & Zena Moon